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BEWARE: Budget Truck Rental is unethical, they will file false claim against you when you return your truck. I rented a truck last year and brought it back in working order - 6 months later I get a call from collections saying that I had damaged the truck by putting gas instead of diesel in it.

I showed proof that I put diesel in (gas station receipt) and they still want me to pay.

This company is shady, their customer service is horrible, and they are incredibly unethical. Stay as far away from this company as you can, what they are doing is illegal.

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #711729

What a Scam Budget Truck is running. I went on line to get a quote for a 16 foot truck rented one way for a move out of state.

After entering all my information the website gives me a quote of $1337.05. According to the website there is also a 15% discount if I book in the month of September and to get the discount I have to enter the code 15DIS. I re-entered my information and entered the discount code. The price came up exactly the same.

Then I see a discount for a motorclub membership of 20%. I entered that code and the price still didn't change. Customer no-service told me the $1337 was already the discounted price. When I asked why I didn't ge the 15 or 20 percent discount off that price, they had no answer but just double speak.

If you call in, they quote you a higher price, but then if you balk, they say they can give you a better rate (just because they are being nice). What a scam!!


Budget Truck equals Scam!!! I made a reservation for a truck.

I reserved for my closest location, Jordan, MN. I made the reservation 28 days in advance. I even confirmed it a week before pick up time. It turned out that the Jordan, MN location is a residential NOT a Budget truck company.

The resident came out of the house screaming, saying that he is tired of people knocking asking for a truck. He has tried to get budget to delete him from their directory and they refuse. I called Budget trying to do everything on my end to get a truck at another location. Customer service was RUDE, UNHELPFUL, located in Mexico with little or no training.

I ended up renting from UHAUL with ZERO problems. Then Budget has the balls to charge me $50 fee for not picking up the truck. Now I'm currently fighting to get my $50 dollars back. This time I called Oklahoma - not Mexico, they are still clueless and a rude.

I hate Budget they are scammers, rude and made me cried because I was so upset for not having a truck to move, until UHAUL came to my rescue. UHAUL are my hereos.


Stay away from budget they are screwing with my bank account and not giving my money back


I scheduled a Budget rental truck over a month ago prior to my move. I chose budget over U-Haul because of the price. What a mistake. Today is the day of what was supposed to be our move and around 8:00am I received a call from Budget saying that they did not have our truck. Now I have a job interview tomorrow in my new town and I will miss it because of Budgets mistake. So my family called U-Haul and they said they would be able to give us a truck today but we have to pay DOUBLE the U-Haul price because we did not have a reservation. I didn't choose U-Haul in the first place because it was too expensive!


(also Budget has the worst customer service imaginable.)



I NEED help. Budget Truck and Car rentals from Vancouver Gilmore Street location is committing insurance fraud. There doesn’t seem anything I can do; can someone recommend a course of action I could take? I’ll explain my situation fully so you understand what happened.

On March 25th 2011 I rented a truck just after 5pm from Budget. I took it to my apartment complex and parked it in a large, obstruction free zone. I did my load, move, and unload that night. I returned the vehicle with ZERO incidents at 7:30 AM, just in front of the store, and dropped the keys off.

It was reported to me over TWO MONTHS later on May 30th by first a $336 charge on my VISA, a couple of days later I get a letter in the mail stating they found a dent. So what happened to the vehicle from my drop off time to a mysterious $336 charge on my VISA? This should have been reported to me BEFORE the truck was rented to anyone else, so I could have come and visibly seen what they were claiming.

I am shown one black and white photo where I can see no damage at all (I can barely see that it’s a picture of a truck). I challenged the quality of the photo saying I can’t see anything and Budget actually wrote me saying, “We have tried different ways to take the pictures with cameras, phones etc and the black berry seems to do a better job.” They also no longer have the picture on file, so I’ll never be able to see it in color (or a date stamp on it).

Budget’s ‘audit’ of damage process prior to pick up didn’t actual verify that area was dent free on initial inspection (upper cab area above the drivers side). It is important for the purpose of comparison to validate a dent free area vs. where they are claiming the damage currently. I looked at trim, tires and front hood area.

NOW, that I am trying to dispute this, they are threatening me…HELP ME PLEASE.

In regards to the repairs needed to the truck, Budget first told me, “We chose to have the dent fixed, rather than replace the panel which would have exceeded the $1000.00.” I guess they were saying that they did me a favor, BUT if a dent can be fixed, why would they consider replacing it?

I challenged this, saying I didn’t want any cost, fix or replaced, since I knew I didn’t cause the damage. This upset Budget, and they started to threaten me, they said, “The truck in question has not been fixed it will go to the manufacturer that built the box and if properly repaired the bill will be over $1000.00..So when we get the estimate I will be happy to send it to you.” And then their manager reiterated this by also saying, “To properly repair the vehicle back to the condition it was prior to your rental would cost well over $1,000 so for customer service reasons we decided to only bill you $336.00 and do a partial repair. In light of your concerns Budget will send the vehicle to the manufacturer and obtain a proper estimate and adjust your invoice.” So, Janine Potter, their Claims Manager is threatening me to charge me more…when I’m saying I shouldn’t be charged at all, this is their customer service? What’s a partial repair?

I am being attacked by this company, can someone please help me?? What rights do I have?

Needless to day, Budget is in bed with the devil (or they are the devil), and I will NEVER do business with them again. I hope all who reads this will do the same.

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