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My company was contracted with PHH Arval fleet services. We recieved their truck June 1st for repairs. We began repairs and contacted the supervisor of PHH and was given a P.O number for billing. We told the guy that there were 20 fault codes popping up that has to be corrected in order to get the truck running appropriately and that we needed a new P.O # to cover the additional costs. We were told that the number given to us would cover anything needed.

We began repairs. Once we were complete with the job we told Budget and PHH the truck had to have the new computer programmed to the truck by international. They towed the truck and then called saying they did not approve any additional parts after a long conference call we concluded. Budget and PHH wanted the billing split down as to what they wanted to pay , they would remove the new parts and return them to us and pick up old parts.

A month more went by I contacted the international dealer and was told they dropped the truck off on Aug 7 2010 programming was done and the truck drove off the lot on Aug 27th. When I contacted Budget and PHH I kept getting the run around and handed off to someone else each time.

I finally was able to speak to one of the MANY supervisors with PHH (he absolutely refused to give me his last name)and he proceeded to tell me that they were only going to pay half of the amount due and that they would also not be returning the new parts or paying for the new parts that are on the truck. We are now in the process of having our attorney take care of this. BEWARE PHH ARVAL AND BUDGET TRUCK RENTAL COMPANIES look them up on the BBB they have poor poor ratings and also are all in bed together!!!! We right now are out approximately $8,000.00. If any other companies have had a simular situation please contact me I would love to hear about it E-Mail to

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I have done quite a bit of work for PHH, as well. They are sticklers for up front approval and will question any labor or part cost they feel excessive (haven't lost one, yet), but They have always paid.

I deal with more than a few lease companies and PHH is far from the worst. Extended warranty companies are another story...


I’ve done business with both of these companies on multiple occasions & never had any issues. You’re probably leaving out a very important part of the story, and I bet it goes something like this: you misdiagnosed the problem with the truck and just continued to randomly replace parts in an attempt to finally resolve the issue.

When the truck arrived at the International dealer to have the ECM programmed, it still had the same problem it did before you wasted $8,000 of their money trying to fix a problem that you were not qualified to address.

Once the dealer diagnosed what was actually wrong with the truck & fixed it correctly, it was obvious that you shouldn’t have been paid the amount of money you were seeking. Maybe your shop should just stick with oil changes and leave the repairs to a shop with qualified technicians.

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